Oh Snot

I’m currently suffering from the flu and regretting having a shot since it seems to be prolonging the effect. I would much rather – suffer dramatically quickly – and be over it. As it is now my body can’t decide if it wants to be hot or cold, congested or running, nauseous or hungry. Basically, I’m tired of being sick.

Most people – like my husband – have all types of over the counter options to help them get through these times. I, on the other hand, have few since I am highly sensitive and react poorly to most medications. I can’t even take Ibuprofen or Antibiotics. Tylenol is what I take – one extra strength will help regulate the condition, and two pills will knock me out for three to five hours.

Resting should make things better, but for me, they don’t. For when I’m sleeping, my nose will stop running – clogging up – causing me to breathe through my mouth. When I wake, I sound like a frog, croaking in the night air till my nose, realizing that we’re up and functioning again decides to release the dam. Forget choking on air – now I’m drowning in snot!

If that wasn’t bad enough -now, my stomach has to growl out in loud protest that it’s hungry, but I refused to get out of the warm bed at three in the morning.

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