Living with a Zombie 

After having binged on the final five episodes of The Walking Dead we started complaining about having to wait another two years for the next season. (Please note that we don’t have regular TV like normal human beings and have to wait till it’s available on Netflix.) Regardless, we were sort of regretting watching so many at once and not spacing them out more.

My husband was still being snarky and throwing out complaints when I heard, ‘we ate the whole entire box of chocolates, and we didn’t save any for later.’ My eyes instantly went to the kitchen counter where I had last seen the smores ingredients. Everything was safe, I wasn’t going to have to eliminate my husband.

Me: That scared me! You don’t joke about the chocolate being gone.
Dirk: It was a metaphor.
My Mind: already imagining me as a chocolate seeking zombie who has chased my husband on top of the counters – he is desperately trying to find anything from the cabinets to appease my wrath

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