The Three Rules of Blonds

I believe that there are three types of blonds – Temporally, Internally and Eternally.

Temporally~ These can be anyone, you or me and hair color has nothing to do with it. Thankfully it is only a temporary lapse of common sense but still can be just as comical to watch by our friends.
Example: Too busy laughing with a friend to notice the tree you are about to run into.

Internally~ Also can be anyone and hair color has nothing to do with it.  Unforchantantly this is not temporary; they have no clue what life is about.
Example: Friend laughs like crazy at the end of the joke but then leans over and asks you to explain it to them.

Eternally~ Only blonds can hold this title, even when they dye their hair. These are the one that even though they have a master degree still let life make fun of them.
Example: Blond stares blankly after hearing the joke and when you give up trying to explain it to them with the words ‘it’s over your head‘, they promptly start looking up to see if they can find the answer.

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