Train of Thought

I learned long ago that my train of thought was not like everyone else’s. While most have one line with many stops mine has many lines and rarely stops but does more of a flyby. Some passengers have managed to cling on, but not all make it to the final destination and are often let forgotten on the side of the track. It’s sad really – I can sometimes remember their faces but never where they came from or where they were going.

On that rare occasion when my lines connect, and pick-ups are running smoothly, nothing is more annoying than having a Freightliner come around a corner on my track and completely derail me.

My mother, in one of her manic mood called today and, the best way I could describe the experience to my husband at the time was to have him imagine someone out of nowhere throwing a rabid cat at you.

One you didn’t know it was coming. Two, you are shredded – feeling violated. When you do get away, you’re feeling completely frazzled and ready to kill something.

Needless to say, my emotions were spent, and it was time to go to my room.

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