May the Force be with Me

A few years ago I started sharing my ramblings on another website along with a few of my novels to see how they would be received. I become frustrated with the site as my works were lost in the growing smut and fanfic. My target audience does not fall into those categories, and I had no desire to change my stories to fulfill their needs. I have since removed my works and started this blog.

I recently submitted my first children’s Christmas book and have three other novels that I’m working on. The first is a general fiction series – currently editing books 1 & 2, the second is an adventure story – being written, and the last is a paranormal novel – still being outlined.

Writing is not easy for me, as I am more of a storyteller, not a writer. Even when I do tell stories, I tend to mess up wording- for I am dyslexic along with everything else. Thank goodness for this new grammar program that is helping me overcome that hurdle.

So please, be patient with me. I’m still learning the ways of the blogger, but my hope is to be of some entertainment – if I strike a chord with you, please return and find out where my mind has rambled off to next.

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