About The Writer

Hi, I’m Sarah Godwin Peterson, and I have been fighting my mental and physical issues with humor (and meds) for over twenty years. It’s my coping mechanism. When you keep discovering that your body is a joke, it’s best to laugh at it first before others do.

Yes, I know that Bipolar is full of mood swings and side effects, but I have discovered that it is also full of comedy. When your mind has thoughts faster than a speeding bullet, and when the body can’t keep up – life becomes a roller coaster that you are riding blind. Good thing I like roller coasters!

I also like reading, photography, storytelling, working with horses and living in the country. That’s on my good days – my bad days I tend not to talk about or talk at all since I’m likely to say or do something I’ll regret. So I will banish myself to my room.

I plan to tell more about me over time … figured I shouldn’t dump the three-page report of ailments that I have on you all at once. It’s only a lifetime worth of adventures that have created this mess before you. lol  You can read more about how I grew up and my personal trials in About Sarah 

The best way to contact me is through my Facebook.

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