How Cold is It

I have come to the conclusion that Fahrenheit should be done away with for cold weather. It’s deceptive. For when you live in the country you have to monitor the weather. So that you can plug in the block heater – allowing it to heat your diesel truck, so you can drive off when needed.

Now here is the problem. For Fahrenheit freezing is at 32° whereas Celsius is 0°. That is a huge difference. I think people in the U.S. tend to forget that when it reads 0° that it’s already 32° below freezing!

That’s cold!

Now when it read -10°F or -42°C, birds get stuck to branches,  water tanks freeze solid, and it’s cold enough to knock out power. I kid you not.

I was trying to write when the power went out, and because it was so cold, the backup battery couldn’t start the generator. We had to go out and jumpstart the thing – with the heated diesel engine! That’s freaking cold folks!

I don’t do cold.

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