Dead Flashlight

The weather has been cold – along with snowing, raining, lightning, hailing and just plain miserable. As I am solar powered, my internal battery has been running on reserves, and I’m fighting depletion.

Along with warding off depression, I’m dealing with the mental and physical stress of – visiting family, a barn that is threatening to flood or freeze, and bronchitis. I’m also worrying over – getting the Christmas tree down, two trips out of state, fifteen horses I need to get trained/sold in the spring, and the upcoming breeding season.

I feel as though my flashlight is flickering and starting to fade. I wish it could be set off to the side – in the sun – to recharge, but there is no sun and no time for that. I need it now! Could someone please shake me. Isn’t that what we do with old flashlights – shake them – to encourage a few more moments of hope and to see if we can get just a few more rays of light.

I need sun  – or Netflix binge followed by a long nap so I can reset.

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