Morbid Curiosities

I have come to the conclusion that our minds will betray us. That no matter the set-up, it is drawn towards the strange and revolting.

That even when our mouths are yelling ‘run you fool’ at that scary moment our mind still want to know what morbid thing is taking place – thus the inability to turn away when spontaneous human combustion happens least we miss it.

Our mind is tricky, they don’t start off big but with ordinary everyday things as we grow –  picking at scabs, torturing ant, testing the abilities of cat – thus the reason they were given nine lives.

After sitting through a new scary movie, it made me realize that my life has been full of moments where I have been at odds with myself – as I’m yelling at the idiot to run but still watching intently wanting to see what it is – thus I would be dead too.

Thank goodness none of my curiosities have been out to get me – Yet.

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