Opinions Matter

Everybody has opinions. We all have remarked on what we see and how the world around us affects us. Opinions will be different depending on the environment we are in. I truly believe that we are all products of our environment if placed in a different time or location I would not be the same person. I know for a fact that my ancestors that had mental health issues were placed in institutions and not given the chances that I have today. We have come a long way in understanding mental health, but I think we have forgotten the basis behind opinions.

Today views are seen as facts and judgment. Just because I say dogs are better than cats, doesn’t mean I don’t like cats. We don’t need to start a great debate over which is better and why I don’t like cats. It’s just my opinion, and I have my reasons – as I’m sure you have yours. Opinions were meant to be expressed so we could find out the reasons for our differences, to delve deeper into the personal – allowing us a chance to understand one another better.

Just because I don’t have the same opinion as you doesn’t mean that I disapprove of you or hate you, it just means I have not experienced what you have. Those who are willing to tell me their stories – I find I can better understand their opinions. No, it doesn’t always change my opinion – because it is not what I have endured, but now I can understand you -if you are willing to hear my story maybe you will understand my view.

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