As mentioned in the 50 questions about me – I will now tell you the story behind my hate and fear of the movie Poltergeist.

When I was about 8, my granny was a night manager at one of the hotels in Moab and had an apartment behind the front desk so she could take care of things.

One cold winter’s night we had been snowed out of Castle Valley and ended up staying the night with her. It just so happened that this night they were playing Poltergeist on the TV and my mother was thrilled to get to see it. I, on the other hand, had never seen a scary movie.

Keep in mind that this is a long time ago with the old televisions – the kind that you roll around on cart, and have to change channels with a knob.

As the movie started out, I was okay, but I soon found myself in bed deep under the covers and begging for the channel to be changed. My mother only laughed and told me to stay under. Now I was forced to hear and let my imagination take control – I didn’t like that so I would peek out every so often to see if my thinking was close.

Sometimes it was better watching – sometimes my mind was easier to deal with, but I got through the movie and was glad to have my mother sleeping with that night since my mind was now taking what it imagined and what I saw and creating a whole new mess for me to try to sleep with.

Because my mother and I were in the main bed, my granny had a roll-away-bed that she was resting on that happen to be facing me and had the TV on one end- our feet end. Her bed was was up against the wall that the television was plug into it – keep this in mind, it will be important.

Now, my mother fell asleep quickly while I tried to think of happy thoughts and was able to drift off sometime before my granny came to bed but I woke up – the TV was on and guess what was playing?

I tried to wake my mother – which woke my granny who had just come to bed and was surprised to see the television on – since she didn’t turn it on. She turned it off, and we went back to sleep till I woke up to find it on again, playing Poltergeist.

I tried to wake my mother – which woke my granny – she changed the channel, turned off the TV and pulled off the knob, setting it on top. We went back to sleep till – it was playing that movie!

I tried to wake my mother – which woke my granny – this time she unplugged the thing and assured me that it would not happen again and we went back to sleep till – It Was Back On Playing Poltergeist!

At this point I am frantic – my mom won’t wake up – my granny is yelling too – the TV is unplugged and working – my mother finally starts to stir and just as she rolls over to see what the uproar is about the television turns off.

She didn’t believe the story we told her but thought it was funny when my granny rolled the TV out of the room.

I can still remember the scenes that were playing every time I woke up, and I would never let my children watch Poltergeist in my house – even though they watched plenty of other scary movies and my husband has never seen it.


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