No More Cooking

A few years back my health took a turn for the worse as foreign objects began to invade my system.  It turned out to be the best weight loss program as I was ever on – losing five pounds a month. When ascertained that the deterioration was ovarian cysts – surgery was set up and was told there would be no more baking buns for me.

My husband reminded me that not having an oven didn’t matter. Many years previous to this – for my safety our doctors had said that cooking was unwise and recommended that we not have any more children.

During both my girls delivery, I had to be on Pitocin – since my body will not go into hard labor. The strain on my system triggered major depression episodes which lead to the detection of my Bipolar. The Doctors wanted to make sure that I didn’t get pregnant again suggested an operation. At that time Dirk had the procedure as it was easier to stop things at his end than on mine.

My Hysterectomy was able to salvage one ovary but not before I had lost over twenty pounds and spent sixteen days without food or sleep – if I had only known then it could have given me the world record. I don’t suggest trying it – it was horrible, and I was not in the best frame of mind.

But from all this, I have learned more about my body. After being freed from the rupturing cysts – my crippling periods and debilitating lower back pains were gone. It’s amazing that cutting out a bad part would suddenly improve other parts.

So now my mother call us the sports models – Dirk has no yeast to make the dough, and I have no oven to cook in. We are pretty much just left having food fights without the clean-up!

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