So the other night I get this text that started an interesting conversation;

Hey this is Chris
Me: lose something🐾
(I thought it was our neighbor who’s dog likes to visit us)
Chris: What
Me: Ok which Chris
(I know several)
Chris: What
Me: Who are you, How do I know you😋
Chris: Chris Winkler, I am your brother
(for some reason I read this in Darth Vader’s voice. At this point I’m busting up.)
Me: Won’t my parents be surprised! I’m an only child! I think you got the wrong number.😂
Chris: Sorry
Me: No worries. I needed the laugh.

I still have the number and recently texted back ‘hey bro, how you doing?’ to see if I get a reply.
Follow-up: no reply
(I’m such a sass)

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