A Numbers Game

An event that took place a couple of years ago.

It was required of me to have more blood drawn, and I was doing ok until the nurse that was to do the procedure refused to listen to my instructions. I could tell by the way this conversation was going that I was leaving bruised.

Me: You will need to use a butterfly needle to draw my blood because my veins have a tendency to collapse. Also, I don’t do well with needles – you can go ahead and get everything ready, have the needle set to go in but could you just give me a moment to prepare, and I’ll give you the go ahead?
Nurse: I don’t think I could do that. I’m so used to just getting it in and over with.

I try again to explain that I will just need a moment. The nurse is not paying attention because she is pulling out vials and the wrong size needle. The nurse then proceeds to examine my arms for the better vein, after flicking both sides a few times, she chooses the right arm and binds it up.

Me: Please use a butterfly needle, I don’t like it when you have to keep poking me because my veins collapse and I bruise really easy.
Nurse: This is a good vein. I won’t have any problems getting blood from it.

She commences to pull out a standard needle. My nerves come unhinged. I look her straight in the eyes and pull my arm away from her.

Me: You are not listening to me!
Nurse: I’ve been doing this for 35 years, I know what I’m doing!

I’m not one for playing the top that game, nor am I one for throwing my weight around but something about that 35 years got to me, and I snapped.

Me: Well I’ve been working with this body for 41 years, and I know what it can handle!

That is the first time I had ever thrown my age in someone’s face or remembered¬†my actual age in a long time.

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