Medical History – the Early Years

Ever get tired of explaining your medical history to a doctor even after they are holding the three-page report in their hands. It amazes me that even when they ask for it, they never take the time to read it. I’m going to be breaking up this up into sections – there is a lot to tell. lol

I had a late start on life, by two weeks. Not sure if it was me or my mom deciding not to have kids at the last minute, but into the world, I came and made a big impression within a few month. Weighing in at twenty-five pounds at three months. Luckily I stayed that way till I way three years old, but we always wondered what that weight did to my early bone structure.

There were two times that I almost drowned. Once at age six months at Lake Powell and around age three on the Pacific beach. I have also been known to walk on water – running from water moccasins. (story to come)

When I was five years old, I started seeing a chiropractor because they thought I had scoliosis, this started my lifetime love begging to be popped. It was also around this age that I received 2nd-degree burn over most of my back after falling asleep next to a fireplace – was dying off after getting out of the bath. Dried off a little too much.

At age six, we discovered that I have Herpes simplex 1. Passed down from my father, who got it from his mother. If you don’t know anything about cold sores, you should be aware that they are not genetic, but will be hereditary because they are viral. We learned that to keep my kids from getting them while young, that whenever I had outbreaks that I should not be around them.  I get it in my right eye, mouth and one in a while, my ears and nose. The cornea of my eye is warped, and as long as it doesn’t get any worse, I won’t have to have the transplant. I was told that seven years ago – so far so good.

The summer of my seventh year was my first known concussion – An aerosol canister exploded into the back of my head. You can read that story under I Shouldn’t Be Alive.  I said first known because I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been knocked unconscious, but it all comes back to this being the root of the problem.

My ninth spring year I ran a pitchfork almost all the way through my left foot – didn’t break the skin through the top but you could see the metal trying to push up. My toes tend to lock up and cramp easily because my foot can’t flex as well as the other. This is also the same side that gets more charlie horses.

My first big horse training accident happened when I was eleven – a mare kicked me in the shoulder blade and chin – still have the scars and dislocating jaw to prove it. Followed by being thrown the next spring into a steel post by the same mare. After a few more rodeos my mother decided that the horse needed to go – that and the horse was crazy enough to rip her hoof off.

From the age fifteen to sixteen I was knocked out several times – was ran into by athletes while cheering (on numerous occasions) or had a ping pong paddle thrown at the back of my head to name a couple. My future husband and friend accidently spilled hot wax into my left ear when I was sixteen. Burning the channel and making me partial hard of hearing. I tease my husband about it – that it has something to do with my vertigo.

My first surgery was when I was sixteen on my left knee. They cut nine inches of muscle away from the bone so that my knee cap could return to its proper place – also repaired the chips and cracks in the knee cap. Had to wait till after I recovered to get my driver license. The next two surgeries, when I was seventeen – were on both my ankles. They removed two extra bones. The day after my nineteenth birthday, I had a fibrosis tumor removed from my right breast. Little less than a year later,  another fibrosis tumor was removed this time from my left breast. (stories to come)

Also when I was seventeen, I slid from my horse bareback – riding in stormy weather -into another steel post and damaged my right hip. This was two week before I graduated from high school and my entire side of my right leg and hip was still bruised as I picked up my diploma. In college, I played a stupid game off of a tall slide – lost and broke my tailbone.

I also have had a few emotional traumas – attempted rape when I was four and abusive boyfriend in high school, it was also during my sophomore year that I attempted to comment suicide twice, but I will not tell those stories here. (story to come)

What sounds like something not important, could play a big part in your future. Keep records – you never know how things will relate.


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