Property Values

Things have begun to move fast around here, and I’m not talking just figuratively.  The weather has warmed up way too quickly, and the rain has been coming far too much – my property is bound to flood away. We have already lost our driveway – the water has pushed the blacktop up from underneath, turning it into mush. The alleyway between our backyard and horse paddock is under a foot of water. I was worried that we weren’t going to be able to get the trailer out of the snow – HA – now we just have to make sure the lake is not frozen, but the ground is hard enough for us to get the truck back there to pull it out.

This is country living at it’s most adventurous. Everybody has been calling one another to make sure that they are ok or if they need any help from the flood. As another friend contacted us about flooding, she asked if we were excited to be going on our upcoming trip.

I couldn’t help but respond back that I was sure as soon as we left that our property was going to float over to Hawaii to see us. I’ve always wanted to have property there. lol



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