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For the Love of Birds

While out doing my visiting teaching we were discussing the eagerness of spring and how ready we are for it. The conversation turned to last year’s lack of snow that caused us to have more animal sighting -like last year’s mountain lion – this year the coyotes were very vocal.

As we talked about the cycles that nature goes through my visiting companion and neighbor who lives directly behind me mentioned that she had seen a condor on my back pasture post.

I just about fell out of my chair. I asked if it was a California Condor? The description was given, and I could not contain my excitement. Let me share with you what I shared with them.

When I was young, I was given a chance to intern at the San Diego Wild Animal Park – as it was called in my day – thanks to my grandparent’s contribution and support. It just so happens that during this time they had recently started the condor recovery project and that some eggs had hatched. I was one of the few that got to feed with the puppet since we were not allowed to touched. I can still remember the loud screeches and squawking of all the birds.

About the time I graduated from high school the first condors had been released. And when my children were born they were just making it into Utah.

Here it was now over 30 years from my first meeting, and the condors had made it to my back yard in northern Utah. I couldn’t help but think, my baby had come home.

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