The True Reason

Setup: We have just arrived at our second beach for the day, and my father has disappeared.

Me: (asking my mother) Did dad go off to find us a spot?
My Mother: (being totally manic) I don’t know where he went, he is always doing this. Just takes off.
My Mind: Probably to get away from you.

By the time we got to the beach, her manic mood had completely overwhelmed me, and I ended up taking a nap, but sometime during that my dad showed up. Before leaving, we stopped and ate at a beach cafe, and I got a quiet moment to talk to my dad. He asked if my nap helped.

Me: Yeah, it helped to checkout and reset so I can handle mom’s manic mode.
My Dad: (sneering) Oh you noticed that.
My Mind: He wasn’t running away – he was saving your life mom!

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