Talk amongst yourselves 

Quote from the movie Kara Sutra: A tale of Love

“At all time and in all countries, there’s ever been a little rivalry between the chaste and unchaste. But while some women are born courtesan, let’s face it, every women has got an inkling of the profession in her nature and makes herself agreeable to the other sex.”

This is such a profound statement for that time and can still apply today. Courtesans in their day were considered property or commodities and where not required to love but serviced the one that owned them, and are commonly compared to prostitutes. The fact that all women will try to entice men could be considered a form of pimping and in today’s society were sex sells, the social media is now the new masters that is selling are children.

In one advert Girls will see that they must dress and look one way to feel good about themselves. Boys see that girls dressed that way are ready for sexual innuendos. This is why we get so many mixed signals- our children our not being taught the same principles, just that sex sells.

So what is appropriate for children to know about sex and courtship?

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