The full Review 

I was very disappointed with the service department of Young Ford in Brigham. Never have I had a Service Department gripe so much on 6 cylinder engines- going as far as to call them crap, and telling me to “google it” if I need proof. Are these the types of representatives we want working on our trucks ? I don’t anymore.Since we have started taking our truck to them it has been deteriorating rapidly in performance. When I mentioned to them that I had another mechanic run a diagnostic and showed them the codes, they tried to blame the failures on others parts that weren’t covered under the warranty- until I pointed out that the parts they were now blaming were also covered, at which point they blamed another part of the “bad engine” and not their workmanship.

If you have a 6 cylinder engine do not take it to Young Ford in Brigham- they do not like them and do not want to work on them. In the past three years we have spent over 7k in labor fees, repairs to their work, tow fees, and hotel rooms, all because of their lack of integrity. Don’t rely on them to want to help you fix the problem- they are the problem.

I have reported the service department to the Ford company and they will be investigating- if you wish to add anything they would love to hear from you. Call 1(800)392-3673

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