How the Monday started

I’ve been hearing a lot of things that aren’t actually happening – thanks to my overactive Mind and anxiety. So when the doorbell went off earlier yesterday morning, I wasn’t to sure if I was dreaming. Then there was pounding, which set the dogs off – now I knew I was awake. I was on my way down the stairs when the doorbell rang again but when I opened it – no one was there!

I started to freak out – the dogs though were still acting like there was something out there – was I hearing things or were the dogs ? Either way the odds didn’t look good.

I called out “Hello?”

Footsteps could be heard out of sight on the frosty driveway. Then a man appeared. “Oh, you are home.”

I released the hounds.

The unsettled man is now trying to explain while two dogs sniff him over. “I’m from the power company, your power poll has a piece of malfunctioning equipment that we need to change out. Should only take about fifteen minutes.”

At this point I’m just glad it’s real.

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