A tail

The other day while I was hanging out at the park I had an encounter with a rat. That rat didn’t really scare me, he was going about his day eating the left over birdseed that had been scattered all over along with the ducks. He would get a mouth full and scamper of to the tree and after watching him do this a couple times I turned my attention back to the pond.

Even though it was warm I had found a nice spot on a picnic bench inches from the water and was enjoying the shade when said rat tried to run past me. It could have been a bunny and I still would have jumped- I wasn’t expecting him to go between me and the water. Well my jump scared the poor rat and he leaped away from me – landing in the pond. Did a complete 180. Now he’s swimming back to his tree- doing some really nice power dives but he comes up under a duck! The duck goes flying out quacking and spraying water everywhere- but not before he dances on the rats head as he he escapes for his tree.

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