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How to open a can of worms

Do you remember the first time you went fishing and had to use a worm? This is not really about fishing but hold on to that thought, we are going to use that for a parable.

Imagine if you can you are a can of worms and you have been popped by some small child on their first trip fishing. What would you want their response to be? Revolted by your sight, concern for your wellbeing- either which would allowing you to craw back into your comfortable space or, rejoicing over your demise as the hook looms over you?

Now imagine it this way- Have you ever been in a situation where you were in an awkward position and have had people retract because they are uncomfortable? Were they genuinely concerned or did they enjoy your failure in a spiteful way?

Have you ever been the one uncomfortable, concerned or spiteful?

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