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How to make Friends

Recently Facebook gave me a credit to boost my page and I took the opportunity to let a couple of my blogs run. This is not the first time but (I’m still trying to figure out how it works) I just discovered that I can invite those who engaged with the post to to like/follow.

I felt weird pressing that invite button, one I’m not use to asking for likes/followers and most of all it reminds me of my earlier school days asking for friends- which didn’t turn out well. I still get anxiety over it, something that happened a quarter of a century ago is still making me awkward.

It’s because of the way I was treated I decided to find at least one thing to like about everyone. To really see who they are before making a quick judgement about their character. Everyone has a story, maybe it’s because of my willingness to listen that people think they can take advantage of me. Which in turn has caused me to have trust issues.

But even with my fears I still dream of friends to hang out with, talk with, do activities with.

2 thoughts on “How to make Friends

  1. Making friends in always hard. I have always had difficulty in that department. One of my friends basically insisted on befriending me (she isn’t good socially either) by sitting with me at lunch and refusing to move…. It worked though honestly I wouldn’t recommend that tactic. I was lonely so that’s probability why

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