Shouldn’t be avoided

A remark to my post last night got my husband and I talking about sex. Yes I just said the “s” word. If you are uncomfortable with this subject please don’t read on – I’m about get real deep into it here.

Any intimate relationship can be filled with pleasure and pain. I’m not talking about the fifty shades kind but a physical, emotional or mental kind.

When Dirk and I were first married sex for us pleasurable and we connected on a physical and emotional level. I can’t say that we were mentally there since we were so young and still learning about ourselves and each other. That alone is could be the start to many painful misunderstandings, but now let’s add a mental disorder to mess with the physical as well as emotional aspects of the sexual relationship.

Sexual pleasure is complicated enough when you are young and naive, and we didn’t handle it well when the disorder disrupted our time together- in fact it started to drive us apart. What was supposed to be intimate was now not enjoyable for either of us.

Because society/culture/upbringing has taught us to not talk about sex we avoided the subject and for many years didn’t understand that our intimate relationship was being altered by the disorder. I plan to talk more about that tomorrow.

I’ve spewed enough for tonight.

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