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Shouldn’t be avoided Pt.2

As I stated before an intimate relationship is based around three points; physical, emotional and mental. Not all three are needed for the act but when there make for a far more enjoyable experience. If pain is added to any of these areas it can affect the others. Let me explain the points better.

Physical refers to contact. From holding hands to intercourse. All intimate relationships will have some form physical contact or it wouldn’t be called intimate. We are talking about touch, feel, embrace.

Emotional is what drives us but is not logic. It what we feel or believe, from attraction to spirituality. Our emotions express us as individuals.

Mental is reason, it’s the basics of our existence. One plus one is two. The earth is round. It is the ability to know the question and find the answer.

How does this all relate? Ask yourself what is the purpose of sex? Even if you were to go with the most basic instinct of physical pleasure, it would not be an enjoyable experience for both if one was in pain.

Let me share my experience. When I’m normal (lol) sex is good! When I’m depressed or in a low sex is bad. In fact I become tight, ridged and penetration is painful and I will bleed. That’s just talking about the physical not to mention what it does to me emotionally . I have to deal with my feelings- inadequacy, resentment, fear- some are about the moment, others about the past. Then I questioned why we were having sex and my answer did not coincide with my husband. We were not on the same track and quickly diverging.

The other side of the story will be covered tomorrow.

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