Camping part 2

Day two started like any normal day. Wake up, force yourself out of bed (mostly because you have to pee but it’s too cold to go to the outhouse), eat breakfast and go about your day. For us that required us to start weighing out our packs to make sure we didn’t hurt our horses. It took about two hours to get everything set up, horses saddled, packed and then loaded.

And then hell broke loose all over camp! All I could do was sit there and watch as Whiskey threw everything all around the corral, down the road, around the trailer and through our camp!

What do you do? Kill him or start over and try to make something out of the ashes? Horse soup wasn’t on the agenda so we regrouped and went exploring. Finally found a lake that we have been looking for years- the trail map was so out of date. Yes the day was exhausting but we still took the high road (less traveled) and found some peace.

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