Medical Wonder

Dirk and I were talking about the available medications compared to when I was first diagnosed. My choices were limited to five for the first few years. Now I can find a list of over fifty. That’s a big growth in the last twenty years- but is it really?

The human brain could still be considered a “last frontier” for understanding DNA chemistry – someday when we have a better way of learning each individuals chemical makeup can we create medicine that is beneficial. Unlike now where they are baiting Doctors to test their latest pill to see how many fish they can hook.

Brain on Fire

If you ever get the chance to read or watch the story of Susannah Cahalan I would highly recommend it. It gives an interesting insight into psychiatric diagnoses. Although the story is not about mental illness it certainly covers the lack of knowledge and how quick doctors are to prescribe pills.

When I was first diagnosed they tried many different pills on me – I felt more like a Guinea pig than a patient, and my body rejected most of them. Human chemistry is a fascinating thing. What works for one person can fatally harm another. Thus the reason for so many different drugs out there for doctors to test on us. Surely if something is not working then change it – but remember that no one knows your body better than you do.

How hot was it

How the heat has effected our place.

The dogs – only go out to do business and then promptly retreat back into the house and onto the vents.

The chickens – when brought snacks will pick them up and run back to the shade; under the deck, in the pine tree, the broken sprinkler, and only come out for brief moments for substance.

The humans – only go outside when needed and when we do sweat off 10 pounds but quickly replace it with 10 gallons of liquid apron our returning indoors to rehydrate!