Compact companions

When I was younger I tried hard to have friends to hang out or do things with. It didn’t work out. Now when we drive by houses that are having parties- You can tell by all the cars clogging up the street- I wonder just how they managed to do it. I would love to have friends come over, play games, eat food and be rowdy.

I’m just stuck with family and we’re not a big bunch- but what we lack in size we make up in attitude. lol 😂

A night to forget

Times have been rounded since I was sort of out of it but this was how crazy my night was.

12:30am – so tired, eyes keep closing while I’m reading. This is my cue that I’m ready to sleep. Turn off iPad and curl up under the sheets cozy. NOPE- my mind goes haywire and starts thinking about marbles and race track ideas. I’m now wide awake and tossing and turning.

1:10am – give up try to make myself fall asleep, start readying again.

2:30am – I’m starting to pass out. Yea! Get comfortable but now my body has turned into a personal barometer letting me know that there is an incoming front. Wide awake again tossing and turning.

3:00am – start readying again to distract me from the pain.

4:10am – That was the last time I remembered seeing before I woke up the next morning.

Nothing extra

I’ve gotten into marbles racing and have started to dream of my own courses and games to make. Unfortunately I don’t have the marbles I use to so I was telling my husband that I needed to get some more. We were discussing the different types and sizes when he suddenly reached out and tried to pull something out of my ear as I was talking.

Me: Did you just try to find my marbles?

Dirk: (lying) No, I was fixing your hair.

Me: You know that I don’t have any to spare right now.