It’s a Jungle out there

Because my husband hurt his foot and is currently in a boot and also because our lawnmower is torn apart since we burned out the clutch, our lawn has grown wild. A neighbor tried to help but found out quickly that our over grown jungle was too much for their machine. They apologized for making stripes and leaving clumps of grass about.

I assured them that it was best that we didn’t burn out another lawnmower and as long as they didn’t write anything obscene in my lawn we were good.

Tragedy and Miracles 

Today my neighbor’s pregnant mare coliced, and needed to be put down. We were able to do an emergency C-section and deliver the colt. He is three weeks premature and will need 24 hour care for the next few weeks, but his first 24 hours will determine weather he lives or dies. I hope for all of our sakes he makes it.

My husband, while running to grab emergency supplies twisted his ankle and had to be placed in a boot for the next three weeks. So the next few weeks in our two houses is going to be busy with invalids.

Too emotional involved 

I usually like to be more upbeat or comical but lately, I’ve been having a hard time. Recently my loved ones have been under attack and it hurts me to see them suffer. I start to feel useless because I can’t do anything to take away their problems. These are normal emotions but for those suffering from Bipolar Disorder, OCD and other physical problems it can quickly wear you down.

I’m not saying I need help or encouragement – although I will not deny I could use it – but that I understand.

We may not look sympathetic, or like we are paying attention because we are fighting our own internal battles of how to handle your suffering.