Murphy’s Law

I was woken up by my husband frantically trying to find the truck keys. Although it’s been hot, this morning it decided to rain unexpectedly and I had left the windows down. It took us a few minutes to find them and as he went out to roll them up I crawled back into bed, only to hear storm coming to an end. 

If we had left the windows down I wonder if I could have got more sleep?

Situation update 

I’m not to sure how I am right now. Here is what I do know.

I’m depressed. I have no will to do anything or I am so frustrated that I’m ready to blow up. My body feels heavy, slow and my joints hurt. That’s not including the dislocated rib and the cold sores. I can’t think or speak well. I’m sleeping more and pretty much feel like a blob, with no distinct feelings or desires. I can’t taste anything.

What I’m capable of doing right now.

Getting dressed for a few hours. Reading, Pinterest and YouTube. Maybe eating.


Yesterday my nerves were so frazzled that I could not post anything in fear that I would unleash hell. 

Have you ever been so frustrated that your body feels like it’s going to burst out in profanities and road rage, if your jaw hadn’t been locked in place from the tension that was festering from the depths of a blackening soul?

It was for everyone’s safety that I was banished to my room.