My Mind

Misunderstandings can happen at any time. Take today’s conversation about a young couple who had bought their first home. They were blessed with the youth gene, and it made them look younger than their already young age so when they moved in the neighbors questioned the wife about it.

She assured them that she bought the house- not inherited it and that she had moved in with her husbands.

OK- that’s not what she said, but what I heard.

MY MIND: And the neighbors were concerned about how young she was. That will make them think twice!

My Mind

Another long day of working with unruly three-year-olds at the barn, discussing the future with the mosquito abatement team, planning field improvements, and living with scattered rain.

My husband decided we needed to go to bed early which my body didn’t argue with till my mind reminded me I hadn’t posted anything today.

As I’m running downstairs to do so My Mind spouts out, ‘Bad Blogger, Bad!’