Don’t blink

I got a frantic call from my friend this afternoon saying that two of my chickens were down – they looked like they were on death’s door. She couldn’t understand what could have happened to them, they were fine that morning. I rushed out to the alleyway where her trailer is to see her staring at the two birds down on their sides, eyes closed enjoying the afternoon sun. I busted up laughing. When I explained to her that they were just lounging in the sun she became furious. How could they trick her like that!

They certainly played chicken with her and won. lol

The picture is from a couple years ago

Into the abyss

It’s a dark tale of chaos – lives shattered, fowl betrayal and a nasty stink in the air.

No it’s just my backyard – a skunk has taken up residence under our shed and has been eating our eggs. Found the brooding hens nest under the trailer and ate ten of the eighteen! We had to remove the remaining eggs and now the hens are in an uproar. I’m just hoping we can trap the thing without loosing anymore eggs or a chicken. Not getting sprayed would be good too.

Dog fight

I’ve been working on photos for my webcomic and ran across a funny story. When Hickory first learned that Druid would be joining the family we thought she was sharing her favorite blanket…

But she was trying to bury him. lol 😂

“That ought to do it!”

Now she goes and pouts …

Until she wants her blanket back! Bwahahaha!

She is so put out and Druid is having his finders keepers moment.

A few weeks later … revenge!