It’s not over till …

Just when you think that life is bad, someone else comes along and makes your problems seem docile. 

Today I thought I would be dealing with my broken water line but instead ended up traveling out of town to help move a friend who was getting out of a violent relationship. It has been a very stressful day of travel, threats, police, packing and animals. 

Fifteen hours since this all started and we are finally able to sleep soundly in our hotel rooms. 

Funny Story

A few weeks ago our chickens started laying their eggs in wilds places – our neighbors pasture weeds, under the pine tree, under our deck – every day we got to have our own little Easter egg hunt because the heat had become unbearable in their coop. One of their nests under the deck is hard to reach and I wasn’t able to get one the other day. The next morning I came out to find that the hens had pushed the egg out for me. 

At least my birds love me!

My Mind: Or is this their way of giving you a bird?

And now the other shoe

Got a call from my oldest today- she might have to move back in with us. Her roommate has ditched her payment again and announced that she leaving in three days, leaving Kaylie’s bank account drained and with no way to afford the rent on her own.

I don’t remember auditioning for a soap opera.

Anxiety overload 

It finally hit me today. As I was preparing to post the sales video of the horses.

I need to sell these horses. I might have to get another part time job- an official one. The last time I worked was about 15 years ago and I literally couldn’t go to work anymore. I had a mental breakdown from all the stress. Company loyalty means nothing nowadays- proof- seeing my husband who built his company’s IT from the ground up 19 years ago now putting together a resume hoping all that he has accomplished will be worth something to someone. 

We are at the mercy of politicians,  economics and capitalism.