You again!?!

When I was sixteen I was involved in many school activities that had me burning the candle at both ends. After many early mornings, lunches without meals, late nights and extra practices my body began to break down. First I lost a lot of weight, then my knee went out and to add insult to injury I found three grey hairs.

That was twenty-nine years ago, and guess what I just found?

Inherited traits

My parents came up to help us with some projects around our place. As the men worked outside, the women attended to the filthy layers of dog hair, dust bunnies and cobwebs that had built up since the beginning of the year – (when all the chaos started).

As we cleaned it became clear that both of us was OCD-ing and they were starting to clash. When I tried to complain about our disagreement she brought up a good point. If I was going to inherit anything I should be grateful it was the OCD and not Alcoholism – which runs rampant in my family.

I do a lot of drinking (non-alcoholic) when I’m depressed since I don’t eat – all my will to move is gone. It’s not healthy – it causes other problems both physically and emotionally for me and my family – who has to watch.

I’m glad I can’t handle caffeine – might as well as give me speed – I hate to think what alcohol would do to me.

And I Quote

From What’s up Doc – No, but it’s consistent.

This depression has been a hard one for me. My body just wants to sleep, not eat, or think. I’ve learned that if I or anybody else tries to improve my mood that I get worse. The same things have been repeating at different rates for the last twenty years.

Garfield the Wise

I love reading comics, manga, marvel, ect- Calvin was my hero and Garfield was wise.

One of my most favorite ideas came that cat is, “Try everything once, go back and do the fun stuff twice.” He might have been talking about food but it’s still a good point to ponder. 

Here is a short list of some things I have yet to do – skydiving, leave the country, publish a book, see one of my house designs lived in, and go on a cruise. What is on your list?