How to make Friends

Recently Facebook gave me a credit to boost my page and I took the opportunity to let a couple of my blogs run. This is not the first time but (I’m still trying to figure out how it works) I just discovered that I can invite those who engaged with the post to to like/follow.

I felt weird pressing that invite button, one I’m not use to asking for likes/followers and most of all it reminds me of my earlier school days asking for friends- which didn’t turn out well. I still get anxiety over it, something that happened a quarter of a century ago is still making me awkward.

It’s because of the way I was treated I decided to find at least one thing to like about everyone. To really see who they are before making a quick judgement about their character. Everyone has a story, maybe it’s because of my willingness to listen that people think they can take advantage of me. Which in turn has caused me to have trust issues.

But even with my fears I still dream of friends to hang out with, talk with, do activities with.


Today a conversation about psychiatrists and psychologists came up. While both are there to help with mental problems, their approach are different. Psychiatrists work more on the chemistry side while psychologists handle the emotional.

Psychiatrists have not changed my prescriptions for fifteen years because we discovered that my chemistry is very sensitive and although it may not be perfect it’s what works best for me. The old adage “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” says a lot.

I see psychologists more as a “life coach” to help us navigate a path to better us. I know that the road will be long and winding and there will be times when I may need to look back at the map we have planned out or plan a reroute but I don’t need a backseat driver. I also don’t feel the need to check in at every gas station and complain/boast about where I have been. Now if I’m ever in an accident that I can’t continue I’ll head back in and reassess my trip.

Please keep in mind that this was not a spur of the moment thing, it took a lot of planning and many trial and errors before I learned to drive my mental highway. In fact I remember I was crawling along the side at first. lol

Heat vortex

When ever my bipolar symptoms switch rapidly so does my body temperature. I will feel like I’m burning up one moment then will start freezing the next from all the sweat. I can’t regulate my body well- putting a blanket over me or stripping off items only speeds up the cycles. I really wish there was a way to get in my brain and find out just what chemicals are causing this.

Side note- eating starts a heat up but am I eating because I’m cold or hungry? Either way the weight is not coming off.

You again!?!

When I was sixteen I was involved in many school activities that had me burning the candle at both ends. After many early mornings, lunches without meals, late nights and extra practices my body began to break down. First I lost a lot of weight, then my knee went out and to add insult to injury I found three grey hairs.

That was twenty-nine years ago, and guess what I just found?