Hickory Follow up

Hickory was finally able to come home this afternoon. She is very tired and upset, eating very little and not drinking. She sleep most of the day but now she is crying because she has the cone of shame on because we are going to bed. I don’t know if any of us will sleep tonight, and tomorrow I have my first session with my new psych doctor.

Hickory’s Surgery

Hickory went in for an ACL surgery today and was supposed to come home this evening but they have keep her over night. We were told that it went fine but that the knee has definite signs of arthritis. She will have to be still (bwahahaha) for the next three weeks as it heals. Then will need another three weeks of light exercise. This dog does not know the meaning of slow. It is going to be a very stressful next few months keeping her grounded. lol

Camping part 3

Day three was a much better day. As you can see by the Facebook Camping Vlog. Well … except for Dirk who lost his fish. Slipped right through his fingers. (Name that movie reference)

Hickory is usually running around crazily but when it comes time to fish will get very vigilant and patient. It’s one of the rare times we will see her still. Guess we need to more fishing.

The horses get to graze in a nice meadow just down from the lake while we are there and cause mischief. *shakes head in disbelief * Be sure to watch the Vlog till the end.