Illustrator Wanted

I can do graphics but illustrations are beyond me. I’m trying to put a visual perspective on my bipolar mind and have lots of storyboard ideas for Webtoons but for the life of me I can’t draw a character! Grrr

Serious inquiries can email me – I’m willing to share credit and pay (within reason).

Going Pro

I got my iPad Pro yesterday – I’m loving and struggling with it. Learning how to use the pen in the art apps is almost to much for my brain – I keep wondering if I could have picked it up faster when I was younger.

I just realized I can still remember the dial tone when I use to connect to the internet – I guess I’m pretty advanced now! I’m so old! lol

A small village

On December 26, 2016 I officially started this blog. The intention was to prove that there was humorous side to mental and physical anguish. Not an easy task, but I like a challenge. Last night I realized that I’m steadily growing in followers, nothing dramatic but impressive to me considering I don’t advertise.

It reminded me of a saying- If you make one person happy every day in five years you would have brighten up a small village.

Thank you for being my village.

To my imposter

Recently we discovered that a claim had been made on our insurance – or more accurately I had made. The elaborate story that was told involves me and a rental truck – that I didn’t know how to drive – all in Las Vegas with my daughter.

It was rude to make a false claim and to lie but did you have to insult me too – can’t drive a truck my #%%!