Think on it

I’m getting ready to expand my blog. The videos I posted were a trial run for me to get over the nervousness. Believe it or not I use to be really out going- that’s how I got my man lol. Now a days getting out of bed is hard but I still try to be social by interacting with others while I play games or I’m on social media, but even on there I get anxiety and want to hide away.

So the question is – Do you find that it’s easier to interact with people one on one in person or can you let it all hang out when you are hidden behind a screen?

I can honestly say I’m more of a one on one, but look out – I don’t hold back on the sass.

Running Away

Dirk has talked me into this high mountain trip into the Unitas. I don’t know how I’m going to do but for kicks I’m bringing my GoPro. Maybe I’ll get the courage to show you something.

I have post set up to go till I get back on Wednesday but until then please keep us in your prayers. I’ve already had two meltdowns and we just got started.


I’m doubting myself and the purpose of this blog. I wanted to help others find the humorous side and now I’m deep in my own depression. In looking at my options it’s becoming very overwhelming and confusing. Am I really helping anyone? Have I connect with any of you? Do I have the right kind of site that can make a difference? Does anyone really care about laughter and happiness while being bipolar or are they all stuck in their own crises. I admit that since going down I haven’t been that involved in the outside world. In fact I have barely gotten out of my house, into my one acre yard let alone the rest of the property. Dirk is trying to talk me into going on a camping trip over the weekend and it’s freaking me out.

It hasn’t helped that I’ve also been overwhelmed by the prospect of updating my social media. I found out today that someone who started using my branding ‘Ramblings of a Bipolar Mind” after me is getting a better response than me. Now the thought of having to change and start over is making me sad, mad and annoyed!

How to make Friends

Recently Facebook gave me a credit to boost my page and I took the opportunity to let a couple of my blogs run. This is not the first time but (I’m still trying to figure out how it works) I just discovered that I can invite those who engaged with the post to to like/follow.

I felt weird pressing that invite button, one I’m not use to asking for likes/followers and most of all it reminds me of my earlier school days asking for friends- which didn’t turn out well. I still get anxiety over it, something that happened a quarter of a century ago is still making me awkward.

It’s because of the way I was treated I decided to find at least one thing to like about everyone. To really see who they are before making a quick judgement about their character. Everyone has a story, maybe it’s because of my willingness to listen that people think they can take advantage of me. Which in turn has caused me to have trust issues.

But even with my fears I still dream of friends to hang out with, talk with, do activities with.