Lingering Dread

An event happened about two years ago between me and another individual that could have been handled better with communication. I felt bullied and accused of “taking advantage of the situation”. I understand the other persons point of view and I can see how they may have felt that way and I thought we could work well together but they never treated me with respect or gave me the dignity of a proper conversation- I always had to have my husband around.

Even now years later I still have anxiety around this person- I have tried to be polite and friendly but can never talk to them about anything more than the weather. I don’t have a need to be liked by everyone (not everyone is compatible) but I would like to not go into panic mode or have an anxiety attack around people I’m not compatible with. Is that to much to ask?

Seeking donations

I like to tease my friend that lives with us about her chicken legs – mostly because Carmine our roster likes to chase after her. I tell her it’s because she’s one fine chick and he just wants to add her to his harem. It would not be so bad if she had not been traumatized as a child – but she has to carry around a lunge whip to keep him at bay.

I saw this the other day and I thought it might help her.

Life interrupted

Was driving to my doctors appointment today when I saw a highway patrol who had finish helping a vehicle pull back onto the road – I got excited because I had just got passed like I was standing still and was wishing he would nail the idiot. He picked up speed crossing the lanes, the lights came on but he was behind me!

Come to find out our truck had not been registered (since February) – when Dirk lost his job he had the DMV renewal set up to remind him on his company email- we got all the other vehicles but forgot the big truck! Luckily the officer was very helpful and I was able to get all taken care of today within a few minutes.

Glad we found out before we took off this weekend- BTW if you don’t here don’t hear from me in the next two days it’s because I’m lost in the woods. lol