This is cursed

I have a bad reaction to people who curse constantly- I shun them. I’m not offended by their lack of verbal communication skills but the fact that it reminds me of my darker side. I curse like a sailor when depressed but I don’t make people listen to it. Having to hear people curse when I’m trying to watch a documentary and their cursing gets to be more the focus than the information I’m trying to learn just makes me frustrated. I want to be enlightened not reminded of my shortcomings.

Into the abyss

It’s a dark tale of chaos – lives shattered, fowl betrayal and a nasty stink in the air.

No it’s just my backyard – a skunk has taken up residence under our shed and has been eating our eggs. Found the brooding hens nest under the trailer and ate ten of the eighteen! We had to remove the remaining eggs and now the hens are in an uproar. I’m just hoping we can trap the thing without loosing anymore eggs or a chicken. Not getting sprayed would be good too.