My average Birthday 

The past few years my birthdays have not been that great. My health and or my solar withdrawals have put me in bed. This year followed the same routine with dizzy spells, cold sores and depression. 

To make sure it was not boring we watched the original ‘The Thing”.  Now I can also add anxiety to my day.

Vacation – Day 3

Our kayaking adventure was postponed due to high surf, so we were able to hit the local artisans market! I picked up another sarong, plumeria hair clip and an upcycled handbag!

Because we changed things around today, we got to play with sea horses! They are so sweet, and their food comes from our neck of the woods- The Great Salt Lake.

We also celebrate my dad’s birthday today. His card read on the outside -We all get to be young once. Inside – Your turn’s over. lol

Pork Bellies

At my youngest daughter’s Birthday party we were thoroughly entertained when she picked up a pink envelope and brandished the letter open at it.

Renee: I’m going to open you like a pigs belly! (she then sliced the card open)

As if that wasn’t enough to put us on the floor, what we saw next did.

If you’re happy and you know it, Clamp your Hams!