Socked Out

Matching socks are overrated and time wasted trying to find it’s mate is a time I could be out doing something useful. I guess manufacturers figured that out too and started making mismatch coordinating pairs to sell, which my kids fell in love with.

Now here come the story- My parents were planning to take the girls to Hawaii during a work trip, and my mother wanted to make sure they had all the necessary items and was frustrated that they had no matching socks. No amount of convincing could ease my mother’s mind that they came that way, even when shown that there were themes that matched them.

Socks were sold in ‘duplicate’ matching pairs, and that was final!

I wonder how many of my socks as a kid were turned into rags because they had lost their mate.

When Great Minds Try to Argue

My husband and I were unloading our cart at the checkout when I noticed an extra package of English muffins. These were not the ones I had picked out.

ME: Did you get muffins?
DIRK: Yes.
ME: I picked up muffins too, but not this kind.
DIRK: (rummaged in the cart) Really? I didn’t even see them. What kind did you get?
BOTH: Mine is better.

While mine were wholesome, his were authentic. We ended up getting both.  Couldn’t argue with the fact that we were both craving them.