Follow up on yesterday’s chicken story- as I was posting Dirk was looking up why chickens don’t move their heads and it comes down to one basic reason. Their eyes don’t move in the sockets. Chickens look at us like we are some comical joke moving our eyes inside our head. This is also probably why I freak my roster out when I give him a sideways glance. lol

How hot was it

How the heat has effected our place.

The dogs – only go out to do business and then promptly retreat back into the house and onto the vents.

The chickens – when brought snacks will pick them up and run back to the shade; under the deck, in the pine tree, the broken sprinkler, and only come out for brief moments for substance.

The humans – only go outside when needed and when we do sweat off 10 pounds but quickly replace it with 10 gallons of liquid apron our returning indoors to rehydrate!

Seeking donations

I like to tease my friend that lives with us about her chicken legs – mostly because Carmine our roster likes to chase after her. I tell her it’s because she’s one fine chick and he just wants to add her to his harem. It would not be so bad if she had not been traumatized as a child – but she has to carry around a lunge whip to keep him at bay.

I saw this the other day and I thought it might help her.