Let’s play

Tonight after our St Patrick’s day dinner we decided to play some card games. Dirk likes to joke and say we should take me to Vegas so my luck can be put to use there but tonight’s games were a little different-lol.

We were playing a game called Golf and in the first round I scored negative four. In the second round I had four point which brought my total up to positive zero. The last round I again got another negative four.

Renee feed up with her high scores complained – ” can’t you stay positive!”

“I’m just playing true to form for a bipolar- low -high-low…”

She was not amused.

We’ve got …

After many month of store bought eggs I discovered that one of our silver-laced birds has started laying. This would also explain Carmine’s interest in the youngsters suddenly. She is quite the prissy one – she had to watch and make sure I made her nest right and even then she still complained. Maybe it was because I was too slow and everyone wanted to see the new quarters so she had to lay her egg on the hard floor. Oops Anyhow- we now have 1 good egg and two cracked ones.

Story from the past

“What is sex?” Kaylie our oldest asked my husband.

Dirk concern about what to say gave his best explanation to our then young daughter – appropriate for her age and hoped that she didn’t have anymore questions.

Kaylie looked confused. “Well we had to fill out a form at school- how does the “M” or “F” fit in?”

Needless to say Dirk had a whole lot of explaining to do – mostly as to why he was beet red.

Our World

I was reminded today of an old gaming place. I got involved with it because my children were too young for Sims and I wanted to make sure it was a safe place. I was invited to be a monitor and helped keep creeps off the site and ended up playing it more than my kids until my computer melted. (Literally- lost everything on the hard drive because it fused together.)

It’s been a decade and I looked myself up – yup I’m still out there. Nothing dies in the virtual world.

Know your place

Watching the episode of Dr Quinn – the one where they are trying for a baby. Kaylie and I start talking about the process.

Kaylie: when I have kids I’m not going to worry about the timing.

Me: that’s what your father and I did. We told the Lord it was in His hands and just enjoyed ourselves. Of course He thought we were having too much fun and sent you.

Kaylie: *laughing comically * no more excitement for you two for the next eighteen years!

Me: *looks at her seriously* and just how old are you?

Kaylie: *stops laughing * I have never felt more unwanted.

Me: * laughs hysterically *