Join in the insanity 

When my kids were younger we use to make drives funnier by doing random antics, some of our favorites were – yelling out the windows announcing the street vender’s foods, taunting couples to kiss as they crossed the street, or singing loudly to the music. ¬†It’s fun when you can get them to join in your insanity, better when they start to create their own.

One time we decided to involve the parked cars at the stop light. We we would stop we would take turns discovering some random object in the sky and see how many other outside passengers we could get to look before the light turn green. We got quite good at this and on one occasion actually got someone out of the car to look. lol


Dirk and I are both only children.

Let that sink in. It means that our children don’t have any aunts or uncles and that we were clueless on how siblings interacted with each other. Made for interesting time as our two daughters grew up. When they were small they bickered a lot but now that they are older they are the best of friends.

I still find it interesting to watch family dynamics and had that privilege this evening to watch three girls vie for attention as I was teaching indexing to their father. After we were done I was showing them some things on my iPad when they suddenly started squealing and screaming, jumping up from the floor to run over to their brother who had returned from college.

I can only imagine what that reception felt like- to be so enthusiastically rush upon by those who love and have missed you. The closest I can relate is having my dogs greet me after a vacation but I doubt it’s the same. I felt very lucky to be able to witness such a moment.


Well we had a blow your socks off type of day. My husband and daughter had a 5k race , then we all rode in the parade, followed by our ritual brunch at a local dinner. We also go a new addition to the chickens! To end it all we went to the largest firework display and concert- staring One Republic!