Happy Halloween 

Because we live in the country and on a highway road we usually saddle up the horses and ride over to the subdivisions to throw candy at trick or treaters- not this year. I’m still suffering from an ear infection so we stayed in and started the new season of “Stranger Things”. 


Pain in the butt

We have four horses – Chaser, (the daughter) likes to live up to her name and chase the goats, dogs and the other horses – especially her father. The bond between those two is really fun to watch but sometimes she’s just a pill.

As I was watching them the other morning, I saw Chaser returning from the water trough to the food bale – walk right next to her father who was grazing peacefully – she then hip bumped him and sent him stumbling.

She does this often – Talk about having a child that is a literal pain in the butt.

All’s fair

When have started planning for our annual Turklay Shoot and are trying to gather ideas for  new games and prizes. Last year we introduced a speed round where you have 60 seconds to shoot as many clay targets as possible (while reloading) – it was very exciting and comical to watch. I would love to have the winner get a sign that said – All’s fair in the load and pull.

Friday the 13th

Two strange things happened today, one involved my water tank for my animals – which we had cleaned last week and again two days ago – it was full of bugs! More than one kind! Had to spend two hours with bleaching the tank clean to make sure all larvae was killed. The second weird thing – we can’t find my husband’s glasses- that are always on/or next to the bed (he only wears them at night) – searched all around/under and in the bedroom but they can’t be found. Strange.