What’s that sound

This summer has been a lone hot one with many fires. Even in the past few days we have still had to deal with smoke from prescribed burns, making the air quality poor and our homes covered in ash.

Tonight an old familiar sound rumbled in the sky and began to play upon on roof and windows. Dirk walked in very seriously, “I’m sure I’ve heard that sound before but I can’t remember when.”

Yah for rain!

A tail

The other day while I was hanging out at the park I had an encounter with a rat. That rat didn’t really scare me, he was going about his day eating the left over birdseed that had been scattered all over along with the ducks. He would get a mouth full and scamper of to the tree and after watching him do this a couple times I turned my attention back to the pond.

Even though it was warm I had found a nice spot on a picnic bench inches from the water and was enjoying the shade when said rat tried to run past me. It could have been a bunny and I still would have jumped- I wasn’t expecting him to go between me and the water. Well my jump scared the poor rat and he leaped away from me – landing in the pond. Did a complete 180. Now he’s swimming back to his tree- doing some really nice power dives but he comes up under a duck! The duck goes flying out quacking and spraying water everywhere- but not before he dances on the rats head as he he escapes for his tree.

You be the judge

I’ve narrowed my selections down to six photos. There are two contests- one is ‘anything goes’ (allowed 2 entries) and the other is “Life in Box Elder County” (only 1 entry). For life in my county I am deciding between two.

1. The Silage Truck

2. She Got Her Fish

Both of these are also illegible for the ‘anything goes’. Here are the other four I have picked out for the fair.

3. Got Mud?

4. Yosemite River

5. Tiny Raptor aka Blue

6. Rees Park Pond


Follow up on yesterday’s chicken story- as I was posting Dirk was looking up why chickens don’t move their heads and it comes down to one basic reason. Their eyes don’t move in the sockets. Chickens look at us like we are some comical joke moving our eyes inside our head. This is also probably why I freak my roster out when I give him a sideways glance. lol