Tragedy and Miracles 

Today my neighbor’s pregnant mare coliced, and needed to be put down. We were able to do an emergency C-section and deliver the colt. He is three weeks premature and will need 24 hour care for the next few weeks, but his first 24 hours will determine weather he lives or dies. I hope for all of our sakes he makes it.

My husband, while running to grab emergency supplies twisted his ankle and had to be placed in a boot for the next three weeks. So the next few weeks in our two houses is going to be busy with invalids.

Any Last Words

As any twisted person, I contemplate dying and what I would say to loved ones – or any nearby person – right before I die to mess with their heads.

-Death before taxes

-Can you hear my heart beat?

-I bet you want to know where I hid –

-Come closer I have something to tell *long drawn out pause*  BOO!


– *While staring above everyone’s heads* Couldn’t you have picked me up in the chariot?

– *While staring at the foot of the bed* What do you mean horns? I ordered a halo!

And my favorite

-Oh one last breath *gasp*, oh give me *gasp* one last *gas-*