Depression Rocks

I want to talk about the literal mass that is pushing down on my physical form. I know it’s there- I can feel it taking away my breath and wearing me out. It hasn’t stopped my mind from working. She is still going like I’ve got strength to do all these great ideas and daily rituals. Like I know eating is important but I just hurt to much to move.

Seriously it’s times like this I wish I had a live in maid or robot who could provide- I love my dog but cuddling was even too much today.

How hot was it

How the heat has effected our place.

The dogs – only go out to do business and then promptly retreat back into the house and onto the vents.

The chickens – when brought snacks will pick them up and run back to the shade; under the deck, in the pine tree, the broken sprinkler, and only come out for brief moments for substance.

The humans – only go outside when needed and when we do sweat off 10 pounds but quickly replace it with 10 gallons of liquid apron our returning indoors to rehydrate!

Pavlov’s chicken?

In case you don’t remember who Pavlov is – he discovered that dogs will salivate conditionally to a bell.

One of my chickens- Blue likes to come o my back door and peak at it till I come out and say hi. Druid has become very jealous of my attention towards her and now whenever he hears her knocking turns into a big whining baby – jumps in my lap to snuggle and refuses to move!

This, of course, upsets Blue cause I’ve not come out to greet her and she starts squawking her head off – which causes Druid to wallow more. Bwahahaha!