Can I stay home now

Another long day out and about. Got to spend time with my parents which was nice. We even all went out to see the new Jurassic World movie (😂😳😢😱😍), but to be honest I’m peopled out- and I have to go do this all over again tomorrow! I just want to stay home and watch my tiny raptors! (We should be getting some babies soon!)

Life interrupted

Was driving to my doctors appointment today when I saw a highway patrol who had finish helping a vehicle pull back onto the road – I got excited because I had just got passed like I was standing still and was wishing he would nail the idiot. He picked up speed crossing the lanes, the lights came on but he was behind me!

Come to find out our truck had not been registered (since February) – when Dirk lost his job he had the DMV renewal set up to remind him on his company email- we got all the other vehicles but forgot the big truck! Luckily the officer was very helpful and I was able to get all taken care of today within a few minutes.

Glad we found out before we took off this weekend- BTW if you don’t here don’t hear from me in the next two days it’s because I’m lost in the woods. lol

It’s crazy out there

My mom came and took me outside today. It’s been so long since I’ve shopped that I forgot it’s Christmas season and people are nuts. I think I prefer to be crazy over nuts – I know what my problem is but these people don’t. Seriously if you want to be feel like everyone else – just try driving during the holiday season.

I’ve entered the Twilight Zone

As I stated before I was on a rescue mission where I helped get my friend out of a domestic situation. Yesterday was a long day of traveling, with what felt like a small Noah’s Ark- two adults, two dogs and two cats all crammed into the front of the Uhaul. I was exhausted and emotional by the time I got home. The trip had been a miracle.

It’s amazing how things work out. My friend, Karlene, aka- Kar, has been dealing with major health issues for the last few years and was waiting for an official diagnosis of her neurological issues. What she needed was love and support, but instead got judgment and verbal abuse. When her ex started stealing her pain management pills to get high, she had enough. 

As my husband and I were working on how to get me down there I suddenly realized that my mom was on her way to California.  It worked out even better than I had thought because my mom had actually booked a room in Mesquite, and when things escalated she was able to help with the packing, loading and hotel rooms for Kar and her animals. Yesterday we traveled back to northern Utah after parting with my mom, arriving late in the day at her mom’s house after many leg stretches and potty stops. Where her mom, children and grandchildren happily greeted her, with love.

Today I wasn’t able to go down to help unload the truck because of the many service people coming, so I was surprised when I got a call very early from Kar- Murphy was not done with her. Her brother who was on hospices passed away in the middle of the night and her mom was heartbroken. Kar was so grateful that she was there for her mom, and she would need to be because the day was not over. Later that afternoon I got a text saying – “can’t make this shit up. mom just got a 30 day notice from the landlord.” – the reason was because they are selling the house.

I’m still trying to pick myself up off the floor. Our problems seem so distant now.