Compact companions

When I was younger I tried hard to have friends to hang out or do things with. It didn’t work out. Now when we drive by houses that are having parties- You can tell by all the cars clogging up the street- I wonder just how they managed to do it. I would love to have friends come over, play games, eat food and be rowdy.

I’m just stuck with family and we’re not a big bunch- but what we lack in size we make up in attitude. lol πŸ˜‚

Inherited traits

My parents came up to help us with some projects around our place. As the men worked outside, the women attended to the filthy layers of dog hair, dust bunnies and cobwebs that had built up since the beginning of the year – (when all the chaos started).

As we cleaned it became clear that both of us was OCD-ing and they were starting to clash. When I tried to complain about our disagreement she brought up a good point. If I was going to inherit anything I should be grateful it was the OCD and not Alcoholism – which runs rampant in my family.

I do a lot of drinking (non-alcoholic) when I’m depressed since I don’t eat – all my will to move is gone. It’s not healthy – it causes other problems both physically and emotionally for me and my family – who has to watch.

I’m glad I can’t handle caffeine – might as well as give me speed – I hate to think what alcohol would do to me.

Silence isΒ 

I mentioned before that my daughter was catching up on GoT and we watched the last two episodes of season 7 today.  We’ve really have had fun laughing at inside jokes, and Pinterest memes behind her back but tonight we were silent when she started to question things during the episodes- trying make us hint to something that was coming.

We know nothing.

My Mind: I would say burn to that comment but that was cold.