Rock my world

My senses are starting to recover- only to be asulted by the hazards of Mother Nature. As the Eastern states drown, we the Western States – choke on smoke.  My bronchitis is making it hard to do anything productive- like breathe, stay awake or stand – oh wait – that might be the earthquakes!

Saturday as we were preparing for the onslaught of bargain hunters we discovered that our main water line was leaking, bubbling up trouble. So not only did we have hordes of people but a backhoe in our yard! By the end of the day things had settled down and we had got a handle on the water – I was laying on my stomach in the grass next to the hole talking with Dirk as he finished up when I began to do the worm involuntary.

It wasn’t till the next day that it was verified that the epicenter was about 100 miles away and the quake was a 5.3 on the rector scale. Since Saturday they have had over 100 aftershocks ranging up to 3.4.