Heat vortex

When ever my bipolar symptoms switch rapidly so does my body temperature. I will feel like I’m burning up one moment then will start freezing the next from all the sweat. I can’t regulate my body well- putting a blanket over me or stripping off items only speeds up the cycles. I really wish there was a way to get in my brain and find out just what chemicals are causing this.

Side note- eating starts a heat up but am I eating because I’m cold or hungry? Either way the weight is not coming off.

We’ve got …

After many month of store bought eggs I discovered that one of our silver-laced birds has started laying. This would also explain Carmine’s interest in the youngsters suddenly. She is quite the prissy one – she had to watch and make sure I made her nest right and even then she still complained. Maybe it was because I was too slow and everyone wanted to see the new quarters so she had to lay her egg on the hard floor. Oops Anyhow- we now have 1 good egg and two cracked ones.

Leave it to him

Tonight my husband walks in from the garage carrying dinner and his phone is playing I would do anything for love by Meatloaf. I busted up laughing.

When I asked him if he had planed it he said no – he had actually had a conversation earlier that day about the artist Meatloaf and just decided to listen. I busted up laughing again.