Tragedy and Miracles 

Today my neighbor’s pregnant mare coliced, and needed to be put down. We were able to do an emergency C-section and deliver the colt. He is three weeks premature and will need 24 hour care for the next few weeks, but his first 24 hours will determine weather he lives or dies. I hope for all of our sakes he makes it.

My husband, while running to grab emergency supplies twisted his ankle and had to be placed in a boot for the next three weeks. So the next few weeks in our two houses is going to be busy with invalids.


Things are starting to come along at the barn and we are making some good progress. The owner made the comment that I was too good at my job and needed a vice.

I think I surprised him when I told him my vice was swearing like a drunken sailor. But I did warn him that it usually only happens when I working with stubborn horses or my mental health is going. We only have 10 stubborn horses at the barn and my mental health only gets bad when I don’t get the sun so he shouldn’t have to hear me yelling too much. lol

My Mind

Another long day of working with unruly three-year-olds at the barn, discussing the future with the mosquito abatement team, planning field improvements, and living with scattered rain.

My husband decided we needed to go to bed early which my body didn’t argue with till my mind reminded me I hadn’t posted anything today.

As I’m running downstairs to do so My Mind spouts out, ‘Bad Blogger, Bad!’