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10% smarter

My dad taught me that you just need to be 10% smarter than any problem and I took it to heart today as the horses ran out of food and our neighbors tractor was out of commission. There was a third of a ton bale left so I tied up the strings took a winch and pulled it down off the pile onto a tarp. Then hooked up the tarp and dragged the whole thing out to the horses. Fast food! lol

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Muscle relaxer

Had an adventure yesterday – thus the reason for not posting last night.

It all started while watching my horses basking in the sun – Mousse, our big paint mare was done warming her belly and decided to roll over to get her backside. Unfortunately, she was to close to the fence and got her big feet and legs stuck. The rest of my horses plus the neighbor’s horses all rush to her side. At first, they looked concerned but then they began to pick at her almost as if they were teasing- haha you got yourself stuck.

So out I trudged past the mud to her rescue in an attempt to set her free from her hecklers and shackles. I was able to chase away the peanut gallery but could not free her by myself so called for backup. So now there are to invalids try to move a one-ton horse. After some fence cutting, leg wrangling and heavy rolling me and Kar were out of commission for the rest of the day!

The photo is for reference- Chaser, Misty, Mousse (Blue Mousse – the gentle giant)