Join in the insanity 

When my kids were younger we use to make drives funnier by doing random antics, some of our favorites were – yelling out the windows announcing the street vender’s foods, taunting couples to kiss as they crossed the street, or singing loudly to the music.  It’s fun when you can get them to join in your insanity, better when they start to create their own.

One time we decided to involve the parked cars at the stop light. We we would stop we would take turns discovering some random object in the sky and see how many other outside passengers we could get to look before the light turn green. We got quite good at this and on one occasion actually got someone out of the car to look. lol

Must be sneaker

One of the annoying things about our house is that our master bathroom is very tiny. Eighteen inch sink – toilet – tub. That’s it! We can barely fit in the open space, if fact the tub has more room for us to move in. lol

Well this morning as Dirk was getting ready to shower I tried to reach past the curtain and pinch him, but he caught me. He said my shadow gave me away. So now I’m trying to figure out how to slink across the floor, slide past the shower curtain and goose him!

Till death do “us” part

My husband asked me tonight what I wanted to do with my life – long term goals and hopes, other than publish a book and own a Suffolk Punch stud. My sudden burst of creativity has given him a new woman to live with.

Me: I never know what kind of mood will strike me. Surviving is the best I can do right now.

Dirk: I like getting a different woman.

Me: Not exactly what we signed up for in a monogamy marriage.