My Mind is thinking about 15 different things, wants to accomplish 8 tasks, is regretting 3 recent things and wants my physical body to keep up with it and I just woke up from the last exhausting nap it put me in.

Me: *Takes an imaginary lasso catches my loose mind reals her in and hog ties her down. * Stop that you’re driving insane! … oh wait never mind.

Dirk who is sitting on the bed watching me looks at me and says. “I wasn’t going to say anything.”

Dog fight

I’ve been working on photos for my webcomic and ran across a funny story. When Hickory first learned that Druid would be joining the family we thought she was sharing her favorite blanket…

But she was trying to bury him. lol 😂

“That ought to do it!”

Now she goes and pouts …

Until she wants her blanket back! Bwahahaha!

She is so put out and Druid is having his finders keepers moment.

A few weeks later … revenge!