Hang on a second

Depression hits me in many ways physically. Along with unexplained muscle pain, my cholesterol and weight will go up because of my inactivity. This episode has add about 20 pound from the waist down. I didn’t even get the extra support in the bra department!

My husband suggested we hang me upside down to distribute the weight more evenly. lol

Zombie theories

Dirk and I were discussing the latest zombie thread on Facebook – you are being attacked and the first thing you grab to your right is your weapon, can you survive?

I grabbed my Apple Pencil- all ready to stab anything that comes close. Dirk grabs a bottle of olive oil.

Me:*bust up laughing *

Dirk: Maybe I can pour it on the floor and hope for a quick escape.

Me: Or maybe you can poor it over yourself and become a greased pig that they can’t catch.