Medical Wonder

Dirk and I were talking about the available medications compared to when I was first diagnosed. My choices were limited to five for the first few years. Now I can find a list of over fifty. That’s a big growth in the last twenty years- but is it really?

The human brain could still be considered a “last frontier” for understanding DNA chemistry – someday when we have a better way of learning each individuals chemical makeup can we create medicine that is beneficial. Unlike now where they are baiting Doctors to test their latest pill to see how many fish they can hook.


Well we had a blow your socks off type of day. My husband and daughter had a 5k race , then we all rode in the parade, followed by our ritual brunch at a local dinner. We also go a new addition to the chickens! To end it all we went to the largest firework display and concert- staring One Republic!


30 years ago I saw an unknown boy sitting in the front row of our church- at the time I was 15 and bold- after church was over I promptly went up and introduced myself, welcoming him to our small valley and invited him to our upcoming celebrations, including a personal horseback ride. By the time the Forth of July was over I had a new pen pal and admirer.

5 years later after many letters, dates and long conversations we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. That was 25 years ago- it has not been easy- but because we love each other and want to understand each other we have continued to grow closer.

I love you honey- Happy Anniversary!

Life interrupted

Was driving to my doctors appointment today when I saw a highway patrol who had finish helping a vehicle pull back onto the road – I got excited because I had just got passed like I was standing still and was wishing he would nail the idiot. He picked up speed crossing the lanes, the lights came on but he was behind me!

Come to find out our truck had not been registered (since February) – when Dirk lost his job he had the DMV renewal set up to remind him on his company email- we got all the other vehicles but forgot the big truck! Luckily the officer was very helpful and I was able to get all taken care of today within a few minutes.

Glad we found out before we took off this weekend- BTW if you don’t here don’t hear from me in the next two days it’s because I’m lost in the woods. lol