Nothing extra

I’ve gotten into marbles racing and have started to dream of my own courses and games to make. Unfortunately I don’t have the marbles I use to so I was telling my husband that I needed to get some more. We were discussing the different types and sizes when he suddenly reached out and tried to pull something out of my ear as I was talking.

Me: Did you just try to find my marbles?

Dirk: (lying) No, I was fixing your hair.

Me: You know that I don’t have any to spare right now.


Housekeeper willing to clean up after 4 dogs, a zombie, a lazy artist and workaholic.

The zombie is allergic to all chemicals and two of the dogs are afraid of vacuums. The workaholic only comes home to eat and the artist stays behind a screen most of the time.

This sounds like a good story premise. lol

Silence isΒ 

I mentioned before that my daughter was catching up on GoT and we watched the last two episodes of season 7 today.  We’ve really have had fun laughing at inside jokes, and Pinterest memes behind her back but tonight we were silent when she started to question things during the episodes- trying make us hint to something that was coming.

We know nothing.

My Mind: I would say burn to that comment but that was cold.