Leave it to him

Tonight my husband walks in from the garage carrying dinner and his phone is playing I would do anything for love by Meatloaf. I busted up laughing.

When I asked him if he had planed it he said no – he had actually had a conversation earlier that day about the artist Meatloaf and just decided to listen. I busted up laughing again.

My Mind

My husband and I have been enjoying the show Colony on Netflix and it has lead to some interesting discussions – tonight’s was on weather I would fight for my survival.

After a brief stare down with Dirk he replied, “oh course you’re a fighter- what am I’m thinking.”

My Mind: This is why you never see aliens try to take over a physc ward – they would never last against us.

Don’t hold anything back

We’ve gone through our regular nightly routine of sink swapping and I’m about to get into bed and a huge belch comes out.

Dirk: Is that how you really feel about it?

Me: Yea. That pretty much sums it up.

Dirk: Do you have any more you need to say?

Me: No I’m good. Got it all out and in the open.