Ever watch shows or movies with the captions on? I do. Sometimes I can’t understand what is being said or I can’t hear because of what is happening around me. Tonight I got a funny surprise while watching Jurassic Park- the scene of T-Rex chasing the jeep. *Wink Wink- don’t forget about the Must go Faster challenge * As they are being chased I always thought she was yelling “shift, shift, shift” – come to find out she it was about dirty underwear! lol

FYI – If you have Netflix do not waist you time on How it Ends because it ended with a lot of unanswered questions and unrealistic expectations.

Must Go faster

As I was standing in line at the DMV yesterday I noticed the shirt in front of me was about a Jurassic Park virtual run. We started talking about virtual racing and I got this great idea. What if my followers were to join me on a virtual run!

Virtual races are just like traditional races with a shirt, medal, bib, community and fun, but you can run, walk or hike your race wherever you want with whomever you want. Even on a treadmill! Racers report their time and then they send you a medal for completing the race.

I choose a short sprint (or ramble) of a half mile to start us off. The Must Go Faster race by Virtual Race Club in reference to when the T-Rex chased the Jeep! lol

This movie came out 25 years ago and I being a naive person made my parents bust up laughing as I crawled into my new husband’s lap because the movie scared me!

When you sign up be sure to chose team “Ramblers” so we can see everyone’s accomplishment.